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“we work with communities to hear what disease areas they care about the most and how best they think we can work together to tackle them. these partnerships cover everything from working with the public to design a trial to collaborating to spread the news of discoveries to those who need it the most. this core works with the chicago department of public health 9cdph) and other industry, nonprofit, and government stakeholders – as well as anyone who wants to join the movement in making health research the new normal.”
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the itm is a partnership between the university of chicago and rush in collaboration with advocate health care, the 伊利诺伊理工学院(illinois tech), loyola university chicago, and northshore university healthsystem 这得益于来自 national institutes of health (nih). we’re part of a network of more than 60 nih-supported sites across the country working to slash the time it takes to develop and share new treatments and health approaches. we work with you and for you to make participating in health research easy, so that together we improve health care for all.

the new normal (tnn) campaign


join the movement today:

该项目由美国国家科学研究院(Nah)的国家转化科学促进中心(ncats)通过资助号ul1tr002389,kl2tr002387和tl1tr00238支持 itm.

funding resources

itm pilot awards


since 2007, the itm has awarded more than $7 million in its pilot awards to help accelerate innovative research. and the impacts have been huge. researchers have explored creative projects, used their data to secure millions of dollars in federal funding, launched companies and more.


  • up to $60,000 in funding.
  • 为研究设计,网络等提供itm资源支持。
  • 视频制作和传播支持,以共享研究结果和影响。

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nih career development (k) awards

the itm administers the national institutes of health (nih) career development (k12) awards, including the paul calabresi and clinical and translational science award (ctsa) k12 award programs. this funding opportunity is open to all itm institutions, including researchers at uchicago, rush, loyola university chicago, northshore university healthsystem, the illinois institute of technology, and advocate health care.

since the programs began, the itm has awarded more than $6.8 million to more than 50 junior investigators at multiple itm institutions, and many alumni have gone on to secure major grants and scale their projects to improve people’s health.

久负盛名的k奖将为年轻研究人员提供长达两年的支持。鼓励对临床,转化和/或肿瘤学感兴趣的拥有md,phd或md / phd的人申请:

  • 薪金支持最高$ 75,000(ctsa)和最高$ 100,000(肿瘤科),以及附带福利。
  • travel funds.
  • 至少有75%的保护时间专注于您选择的临床/翻译研究计划。
  • 高级教师提供的独家指导和教育机会。
  • monthly career seminars.
  • city-wide and national networking.

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nih parent announcements


not all nih institutes and centers participate on all parent announcements. before submitting your application, make sure the nih institute or center that might be interested in your research is listed as a participating organization in the announcement.

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the essentials of patient-oriented research (epor) gives you a crash course in how to conduct clinical trials. get insider tips from senior researchers and learn how to create and run a successful study. you also get the benefit of national institutes of health (nih) educational materials and national video sessions thanks to the itm’s membership in the nih’s clinical and translational science awards (ctsa) consortium.

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responsible conduct of research (rcr)

the responsible conduct of research (rcr) gives you a front-row seat to the issues scientists can face and the best ways to handle them. rcr addresses everything from conflicts of interest to the ethical treatment of animals to intellectual property.

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informatics seminars

take advantage of two free monthly seminars that are open to everyone and cover a variety of topics for every skill level: the center for research informatics (cri) seminar series, which provides training in informatics research tools and techniques, and the computational life sciences seminar series, which highlights research in the fields of bioinformatics and computational life sciences, fosters collaborations, and provides a broad audience for feedback on current research.

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pathobiology of disease seminars


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advanced cbpr classes give you the roadmap and skills to involve community members in all stages of the research process, giving both academic researchers and the general public equal input in everything from study design to the best ways to recruit trial participants. this free, six-session course is held each fall, winter, and spring quarter to put researchers at the forefront of community partnerships and transparent research.

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Translational Science Courses & Degrees

the itm and the center for health and the social sciences created the committee on clinical and translational science (ccts), an independent academic unit within the university of chicago’s biological sciences division (bsd), to offer dynamic, multidisciplinary courses for all itm members across chicagoland. courses are open to undergraduates, graduate-level trainees, postdoctoral fellows, junior and senior faculty and staff, and fellow ctsa institutes at northwestern university and the university of illinois at chicago (uic).

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career scholar seminars

career scholar (k) seminars are open to everyone at all six itm institutions and offer you the chance learn about resources to accelerate your career and hear renowned researchers share how they got to be where they are today and ways they overcame obstacles. from external funding sources to incorporating informatics into your work, k seminars will connect you with the skills and tools needed to jumpstart your career. these monthly sessions are required for those recipients of the nih career (k) development awards administered by the itm, but are open to anyone looking to advance their career.

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community advisory review council (carc)

everyone from religious leaders to educators to law enforcement come together through the community advisory and review council (carc) to give itm researchers feedback on their studies, recruitment plans and more—all while learning important health lessons from the research presented to share with their communities. since 2007, carc members have met at least eight times each year and given community input on more than 65 faculty research presentations.

了解有关社区咨询审查委员会的更多信息 here.


“a collaborative approach to research that equitably involves all partners in the research process and recognizes the unique strengths that each brings. cbpr begins with a research topic of importance to the community and has the aim of combining knowledge with action and achieving social change…” - w k kellogg community health scholars program

要了解有关CPR季度研讨会的更多信息,请联系: chartay t. robinson

clinical research administration

研究事务办公室内临床研究行政部门的划分促进了整个紧急系统中临床研究的行政和财务方面的工作。 learn more here.


trio aims to accelerate the process of recruiting for clinical trials and providing design consulting for research studies. through the community engagement coordinator, trio also assists in reaching patients from underrepresented groups on chicago’s west side. this local office also feeds into a national trial innovation network that offers consultations and services for multicenter clinical trials and studies.

through trio you can:

  • 与芝加哥其他六个itm机构的其他研究专家建立网络
  • engage with chicago’s west side community
  • get help with recruitment and enrollment
  • 向芝加哥itm机构的一组研究专业人员介绍您的研究设计问题或其他问题,并获得可帮助一些团队甚至四倍招募的解决方案

赶在这里通过设计专家获得免费的当地咨询。从生物信息学到irb专业人士的各种资源都可以与之联系。了解有关三重奏的更多信息 here or contact amanda kass.

citywide recruitment tool

a new mobile-friendly tool is launching to help save you time and money in recruiting for your health research studies. this million-dollar platform does the heavy lifting by connecting you directly with potential participants. it matches your study with people who fit your basic inclusion/exclusion criteria to save you screening time. and it makes mass communication easy by offering templates you can customize in a few clicks for batch emails. from there, you can just enjoy reviewing interested volunteers and consenting them into your studies. this tool is part of a citywide public campaign to increase awareness of and participation in health research. learn more about this campaign here.

r studio

are you an investigator planning to apply for a major nih research grant, transitioning into an independent investigator role, or fulfilling a departmental grant review requirement? if so, the itm can help you put your best foot forward by participating in the r studio. senior experts – some who have been nih reviewers themselves – will give you detailed feedback as you craft your application. this free program is open to all itm faculty, trainees, and affiliates.

for whom: investigators applying for a major operating grant, transitioning into an independent investigator role or fulfilling a departmental grant review requirement. this free service is open to all university of chicago faculty, rush university faculty and itm affiliates.

when: 滚动入场。必须在赠款提交截止日期之前的14周内收到工作室注册。

what: 一个高级专家团队将在90分钟的会议中为申请人提供有关特定目标的详细反馈。申请人可以要求特定的审阅者。

questions: 请与IT部门的传播总监sara serritella联系,

to register: visit //

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rush tuesday talks

rush tuesday talks are held every second tuesday of the month. the talks are conducted as a design studio so that participants can bring up their study and discuss any issue or barrier they are dealing with in terms of recruitment, retention or other such issues. the studios are co-working sessions and held in person in one of the rush conference rooms with whiteboard. due to covid-19, the tuesday talks are being conducted virtually over webex using a virtual whiteboard. the rush tuesday talks are supported by the institute for translational medicine (itm) at rush and office of research administration of rumc.

the purpose of the rush tuesday talks is to provide an open discussion platform to the research coordinators, administrative personnel, and principal investigators. the various stakeholders that participate, bring their rich perspectives to the discussion and help create nuanced understanding of the issues raised. the tuesday talks include not just the issues and barriers faced by study teams but also innovative methods used by the team to overcome those issues. this is peer to peer knowledge sharing of ideas and solutions is unique to this project.

the tuesday talks are summarized in a report that includes the topic, discussion, insights generated and the potential solutions or opportunity spaces for solving the issues. the idea is to capture any innovative methods and approaches and help speed up research projects through efficient teamwork. ora sponsors the lunches when the sessions are in person.

communication is sent out before each session and everyone is encouraged to share out the time and location of each session to have maximum attendance. the attendance has varied from less than 10 people to more than 30 people in a session.

张思奇博士仓促加入itm的lisa sanchez-johnsen和santosh basapur在Dr.拉伊角h博士莎(Shah)领导了itm的试验招募和创新办公室以及网络容量集群。


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